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11 AM to 11 PM

Veg Roll is now a part of our Delicious Eatery

At Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner we strongly believe that we should provide variety of food choices to our beloved customers, this will not only add bunch of food items to our existing menu but will also allow customers to taste customize the food items the way they want.

We have added Veg Rolls, to our which will embraces this concept and will help us to stick to our commitment to sustainable practices we follow. While this eatery is currently available at our Bhavani Dham , Ayodhya Bypass Branch, We will try to expand it to other branches seeing the response it gets in longer run.

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One thought on “Veg Roll is now a part of our Delicious Eatery

  • Nikhil iyer

    Dear sir, I really appreciate the struggle you have gone through to set up this business.

    Would be really happy if you could parcel me your cheese potato soup to navi Mumbai (I wish it is true)

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