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Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner

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Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner

10 years back Sh. Dolraj Gaire acted on his immense passion of Indian Cuisine and Hospitality by selling soup on roadside market, popularly known as “Cycle Soupwala” and the rest as they say is history. Sh Dolraj Gaire introduced Indian hospitality, service which was unknown to the city and set a high standard for Indian fast food, which he follows till date. Impeccable service, authentic Indian fast food not only had a huge fan following but also critics and reviewers noticed this restaurant. Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner Fast Food Corner (Cycle Soupwala) earned the reputation of the best fast food restaurant in the Central India.

Today it is a strong restaurant group with more than 10 branches operational and expanding fast, an elegant catering service and many more projects in pipeline.

Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner Fast Food Corner (Cycle Soupwala) group is well known for its fine Indian cuisine, Under Leadership of Sh Dolraj Gaire, the brand has taken Indian cuisine to a new culinary level, while still holding true to its traditional nuances .Exquisitely presented menu options, delicious dessert temptations and friendly, enthusiastic service ensure a memorable dining experience.


Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner

To savoir and share the Indian Hospitality and Service, with ultimate taste and relishing freshness and ensuring superior customer experience by providing highest standards of product quality & service. Food at Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner Fast Food Corner (Cycle Soupwala) is like you’ve never tasted-the flavors are unique, harmonious on the palate, a lot less of the overwhelming heat that’s associated with Indian cuisine and something all together far more sophisticated. The recipes are rare finds, where they’re special treats sought out from master chefs. We will consistently work on providing our guests exceptional service, maintain cleanliness, freshness, and variety so that we can have a lasting positive culinary impact on our customers.